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FUZE MRM - MRM Software


Fuze is Limehouse Studios' Marketing Relationship Management (MRM) software solution. 


Our system enables businesses to deliver their marketing activities through a robust workflow.  The software creates visibility of tasks and tracks progress from initial brief to implementation in each store.

Campaign activation becomes low touch and can drive tasks, communication and live tracking to all stakeholder groups who own or are part of campaign creation, design and artwork, manufacturing, delivery and store implementation processes.

It is a modular system which allows customers to pick and choose what modules they need to build their package. 


The system will drive operational and spend efficiencies through the line and provide holistic visibility of campaign delivery from media planning down to performance of individual marketing assets.


Fuze increases return of investment on marketing initiatives for retailers, brands and other sectors.

Fuze is vendor agnostic and is proven to create process efficiencies when used between internal teams and suppliers, building on its core principle of getting it right first time.

Fuze simplifies the process of delivering all your marketing activities.



  • Overcomes the complexity of delivering goods into diverse physical environments

  • Eradicates heavy Excel administration for central teams – improving speed to market

  • Centralises the whole marketing operation to create clear and timely information to management

  • Robust supplier management and purchasing

  • Umbrella approach to store management

  • eco-friendly by ensuring customers print the right quantities without being wasteful

  • Supports remote working for staff as it is a web based system

  • Departments in businesses can be separated so the system only shows what is relevant

  • Provides a wealth of data to inform decisions that drive overall efficiencies

Strategic Marketing

  • Alignment of macro marketing plans to micro planning

  • Simple and robust features to brief downstream teams

POS Marketing Teams

  • Gives greater control to campaign managers

  • Greater visibility of briefs and key milestones

  • Ability to communicate once to many

  • Better task and activity management

  • Easy and accessible reporting that links to campaign KPIs

  • More logical approach to overs/stock

  • Ability to support transition of activity to one team

  • Stores have a one stop shop for ordering campaign material/goods, through to tracking the delivery of goods into their store


  • Opportunity to tender key campaigns

  • Profiling of work to key suppliers

  • Easy and accessible reporting

  • Trend analysis and review of supplier performance

Retail Operations/Management

  • One platform to access a store specific view of POS

  • Better visibility of upcoming campaigns

  • Better reordering and tracking system

  • Better issue management system

  • Better consolidation of POS deliveries

  • Digital versions of POS brochures

Third Party Vendors

  • Robust briefs

  • Better visibility of total campaigns

  • Transparent audit trail for each campaign

  • Fairer and more robust RFQ process

  • Agency collaboration


Fuze is used by a number of companies, below are some examples.  Our biggest customer is the UK's largest retailer, Tesco.  Click here to see their case study.

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