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Fuze is technologically advanced.  It utilises the cloud and future proof technology ensuring the solution is always one step ahead.  Fuze is delivered with IaaS principles using the cloud whilst being closely aligned to the Microsoft stack.  The technology we use ensures the solution is scalable and tooled to provide solutions no matter what the requirement of our customers.

FUZE MRM - MRM Software


Fuze is hosted in the cloud, utilising cloud services to keep running costs to a minimum.  This also enables Fuze to be resilient and deliver the best performance no matter where it is being used.  Cloud technology allows the solution to be scalable no matter how small or big the requirement.


Fuze can be hosted in a cloud environment Limehouse Studios maintain and support or in your existing cloud system with you paying the hosting costs directly to the cloud provider.

FUZE MRM - MRM Software
FUZE MRM - MRM Software


Fuze is delivered using the Microsoft stack.  Solutions like Azure, .net and SQL lead to the system being technologically flexible and supported by one of the world leading technology companies, Microsoft.


Fuze is API driven and can be integrated with other systems.  Our in house development team are constantly looking at new ways to integrate the solution with other software solutions in the market.

FUZE MRM - MRM Software
FUZE MRM - MRM Software

Whilst Fuze is feature rich we can bespoke the solution for our customers utilising our in house development team.  Our development team are constantly evolving the solution making sure it remains class leading.


Fuze is configurable from a look and feel perspective as well as what functions each user/role has access to.  If you do not like the colour scheme, the font, the wording, email notifications or what each user can see and do, it can be configured at anytime without development.  This ensures the system is aligned to your brand and marketing strategy.  Fuze is also a white label product so you can name it as you wish.

FUZE MRM - MRM Software
FUZE MRM - MRM Software


Fuze is a web based system so any modern web browser supports it.  This means it works on devices without the need for installing any apps or components.

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