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Fuze contains best in class security features ensuring your data is secure and safe.  Security is at the core of everything we do.  It has often been said that Fuze uses "banking grade" security and is able to mitigate most risks and threats.  Our security features are standard no matter how small or big the deployment.

FUZE MRM - MRM Software


All files that enter into Fuze are scanned by eight independent scanning engines.  This detects over 99% of malware by using signatures, heuristics, and machine learning. This significantly improves detection of known threats and provides the earliest protection against malware outbreaks.  Each file hash is stored at entry and checked on the way out to also ensure nothing has been changed whilst the file has been at rest.  We also recursively sanitise 100+ file types with market leading deep CDR technology and remove 99.9% of potential threats.


All users of Fuze must authenticate to gain access to the system.  This can be aligned to your SSO solution or you can use the secure in built user login system embedded in Fuze. Utilising user access control, our customers are able to define and manage who has access to what and when.

FUZE MRM - MRM Software
FUZE MRM - MRM Software


If you select one of our modules that interacts with your vendors, they will login and interact collaboratively with you via a separate system that requires two factor authentication.  Knowing the password of the login is not enough, they must prove who they are with two factor authentication every time.


As well as anti virus our solution can be supplied with advanced threat detection ensuring the infrastructure that houses your Fuze system is monitored and kept to the secure standards you expect of a MRM system. For example making sure everything is patched with the latest security updates.

FUZE MRM - MRM Software
FUZE MRM - MRM Software

At the core of Fuze you can define what each user or role can and cannot see.  This ensures any private information is kept away from users who should not see it.  This can also be used to decide who can read, edit or access data, even down to a granular level.


You can invite users to collaborate with you, so you decide who can and cannot see certain campaigns.  Using Fuze's key dates you can control when marketing material becomes visible, thus ensuring campaigns are only revealed when you want them to be.

FUZE MRM - MRM Software
FUZE MRM - MRM Software


Whilst Fuze in our shared environment is secure and safe some customers may choose to deploy the system in its own self contained environment.   The main reason why customers choose this approach is for governance and IT policy.

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