The BriefTo develop and deliver a best in class Marketing Relationship Management (MRM) solution to simplify head office and store colleagues' routines by providing an easy to use system for in-store marketing. With the focus on getting it right first time to make best use of store colleagues' time so they can dedicate as much energy as possible to customers.  Move the reliance to implement campaigns from suppliers to Tesco and a vendor agnostic system.  Provide an MRM software solution that is collaborative, consistent and tailored to our campaign management. The system should provide data and insights into campaigns so any learnings could be applied to future campaigns ensuring marketing is efficient and cost effective. The end solution must be secure and technologically advanced, so it is flexible and ready for any future developments.The ChallengeUnderstanding the complex requirements and whole process in delivering marketing campaigns to store. From the concept of a marketing campaign through to management of the campaign in-store.
Ensuring the system became the data owner in a way that was future proof as well as serving the existing requirements of the business.
The system had to be capable of housing different marketing teams at Tesco, segregating campaigns, data and in some cases functionality.
Understanding and meeting the complex security requirements of the IT team at Tesco ensuring the solution mitigates any potential IT threats that could face the system now and in the future.
Provide a single software solution for all in-store marketing procurement, specifically campaigns or items that are procured with creative agencies, artwork agencies and printers. Making sure that when the most appropriate vendor is chosen, it is recorded, budgeted and costs with breakdowns are reportable and can be analysed before (and after) the work is awarded to the supplier.The SolutionFuze MRM was created and delivered, defining and mapping the entire lifecycle of different types of marketing campaigns.  The simple to use and class leading allocation system takes advantage of the data in the system to produce print quantities for marketing campaigns.  Thus making Tesco the owner of delivering marketing campaigns in-store without reliance on third parties to define what is needed.  The workflow module has delivered clear and tailorable milestones needed in marketing campaign delivery.  The store portal module of the system is specific per store and shows each store a view based on what marketing/data applies to their store, it is intuitive and easy to use and capable of running on any internet enabled device without the need for installing any software/components.  The depth of information the store has available has significantly improved, some examples being the ability to view store specific data, campaigns, POD tracking, communication packs and queries with head office staff/teams.  The system is highly configurable in that each user only has access to functions, departments and data that they require and the solution is in line with our branding.  The security of the solution is industry leading and to date has protected Tesco’s version of the system from any IT threat or vulnerability.  The solution has also led to streamlined processes with our suppliers, an example being that print ready artwork is always delivered to printers first time.The ResultsFuze MRM was launched to all UK Tesco stores in June 2019 and ever since usage has remained high for all 2742 stores and head office. The system is now business critical in delivering in-store marketing and its importance will only increase as we adopt more functionality and it is introduced to more departments within the Tesco Group.  Fuze MRM has led to process efficiencies being gained in head office’s marketing teams and in-store and the data the system produces will lead to cost savings as we continually learn from the data and value the Fuze MRM software solution brings to our business.